Readers ask: How To Priest Shadow Guide?

Is Shadow Priest hard Shadowlands?

Priests are the only class in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with two healing specializations. In PvP, Shadow Priests are hard to kill due to having multiple defensive cooldowns at their disposal alongside a possibility to swap health with their teammates if they pick up a PvP talent.

How do you use shadow priest Shadowlands?

How to Play Shadow Priest in Shadowlands. Shadow Priests draw their power from the void and deal damage through the use of damage over time effects (DoTs) such as Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, and Devouring Plague.

Is Shadow Priest difficult to play?

Shadow has some major weaknesses in easy content, but in difficult content it is very competitive in most situations. It’s less about “People’s experiences with SP are often not backed up by the numbers” and more so about people like you who does not actually read the feedback but just assume its about numbers.

Are shadow priests good in Shadowlands?

Shadow Priest Shadowlands Guide We have a look at changes to spells, new baseline and original spells, all the Covenant ability options, talents, legendary effects, the works. Publik seems very happy with the changes and is quite excited for the spec in Shadowlands, so you should seriously consider Shadow as a pick!

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Can a shadow priest heal?

It is a common misconception that Shadow Priests are incapable of healing instances. As long as the Priest stays out of Shadowform and focuses on healing, he or she should be able to heal well enough to serve a group.

How do I spread shadow priest DoTs?

Each time Mind Sear does damage on a target that has Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch it will spread those 2 DoTs to 1 nearby target, so you only DoT 1 target and mindsear to spread it.

What does a shadow priest do?

A single shadow priest serves as a bishop for a community. There are also shadow priests among the trolls; they find Forsaken to be kindred spirits. There are also shadow priests that follow Kil’jaeden.

What is the best spec for priest in Shadowlands?

Best Priest Leveling Spec in Shadowlands For a total beginner to the class, although each specialization has strengths and weaknesses, we recommend Shadow as the best Priest leveling spec. Shadow is the only DPS specialization a Priest has, so it automatically becomes the best option for leveling.

Is Shadow Priest good in mythic Plus?

Best Shadow Priest Mythic+ Talents Shadow Priest has multiple Mythic+ talent builds, and a lot of flexibility in talent choice depending on the dungeon, week, and group composition.

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