Quick Answer: What Is Google Local Guide?

Do Google Local guides get paid?

Local Guides are not paid nor may Local Guides earn money for their contributions, per our program rules. The Local Guides program is for individuals who contribute to Google Maps who like to help others to discover and explore their world. But they can earn other benefits like: Early access to new Google products.

What is the benefit of Google Local Guide?

As a Local Guide, you earn points when you share reviews, photos, and knowledge on Google Maps. Those points lead to higher levels of the program, as well as benefits like early access to Google features and special rewards from partners.

How do you become a Google Local Guide?

Becoming a Google Local Guide is really easy! Just go to the Google Local Guide website and Join. If you have an existing Google account, then you can link it to that, otherwise, just sign up and you’re on your way. Then all you need to do is leave reviews and ratings and upload images of places you’ve been.

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How do I know if I am a Local Guide?

Head to your contributions tab on Google Maps for desktop to see your reviews, photos, suggested places to contribute to, and now your Local Guides points and level. Click on the progress bar to see the full breakdown.

What is local guide Level 5?

Those who earned 500 or 5000 or 10000 or more were known as Level 5 Local Guides. This felt stagnation among Local Guides. The new level system allows reaching upto Level 10 brings more enthusiasm to each participants, more recognition, and more contributions.

Can I get paid for Google reviews?

No, google reviews does not give you money. A google review is your personal review and google is not bound to pay you anything for same. If you wanna earn money on google, then you may help in improving google maps.

How many Local Guide levels are there?

The number of points a user accumulates determines their Local Guide level, and there are 10 levels. At level 4 (250 cumulative points), the user will have a Local Guides badge next to their name on Maps. Google also offers rewards and perks for those who climb the ranks.

How do I join a local guide?

To join Local Guides Connect, visit the forum and sign in with your Google account. Then, you can start a discussion and reply to other members’ posts. You can also customize your community experience, post ideas, and vote on the ideas you like best. We encourage Local Guides to visit Connect often and participate.

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What do Google Guides get?

They can receive a variety of points by leaving local store ratings, adding reviews, sharing photographs and videos, providing insights with answers, responding to questions about a place, updating information with place edits, adding missing places or verifying information by checking facts.

How do I become a local tour guide?

Become a Local Guide

  1. Create your own tour. Where is that cool place that visitors don’t know about your city?
  2. Receive bookings. Once your account & tour profile is approved and goes live, you’ll soon receive confirmed bookings for your tour direct to your email.
  3. Meet your guests.

How do I check my local guide level?

Program requirements

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps.
  2. Touch the menu.
  3. Touch Your contributions.
  4. Your level and total points count will be displayed.

How do I get my local guide badge?

How do I unlock Google Local Guide points and badges?

  1. Score a local business by giving it a rating.
  2. Review a local business.
  3. Share photos.
  4. Upload video.
  5. Answer a question about a place you have visited on Maps.
  6. Ask a question and/or provide an answer on the information panel in local search.
  7. Edit information.

How do I stop Google local guide?

After you open Google Maps:

  1. click on the icon at the top left to open the side menu.
  2. select “Your Contributions”
  3. then go to the “Reviews” tab.
  4. for each review, there should be 3 dots at the top right click on that and select “Delete Review”
  5. do the same thing in the “Photos” tab.

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