Question: How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpening Guide?

Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?

Your chainsaw blade gets dull so fast because your chain is hitting the ground, the tree is filled with dirt, and/or the bar is bent. These all contribute to the chain getting dull quickly. If you’re cutting through dirty wood, the chain will dull quicker than cutting clean wood.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain?

Using a dull chain saw to cut down a tree makes the job much more difficult. It is worth the time to pause and sharpen your blade as it dulls. This fixed base sharpening restores the angle of the blade to the exact specifications while filing by hand is never 100% accurate.

What is the best chainsaw blade sharpener?

Top 10 Chainsaw Sharpeners – Reviews

  • Katzco Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit.
  • Timber Tuff CS – BWM Electric Sharpener.
  • Husqvarna 653000035 SharpForce Chain Sharpener 3/16″
  • Oregon 620-120 Professional 120V Bench Grinder.
  • Granberg G-106B Bar-Mount Sharpener.
  • Oregon 520-120 120V Bench Mounted Grinder.
  • Tecomec Jolly EVO Chain Grinder.

How do I choose a chainsaw file?

Rotatech Chainsaw File Guide

  1. #Step 1. Identify the pitch, gauge or Item Number.
  2. #Step 2. Use the chart below to Identify your file size.
  3. #Step 3. Pick how many you would like to order, we offer chainsaw files in packs of 3’s and 12’s. Chainsaw files size chart. Pitch. Gauge. Item No. File Size. Sharpening Angle. File Position.
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How many times can a chainsaw chain be sharpened?

More Sharpening Tips Cutters can be sharpened up to 10 times or more before the chain needs replacing. If your cutters are worn unevenly after a few sharpenings, a professional can regrind them to uniform shape.

What angle should I sharpen my chainsaw chain?

The sharpening angle will generally be between 25° and 35° – the harder the wood, the greater the angle. To maintain the correct angle, we recommend that you use a sharpening grid or a filing gauge as an aid.

How long should a chainsaw chain last?

The lifetime of a chainsaw chain has no fixed limit and depends on usage and maintenance. The chain should last many years; 5-6 years should be no problem. However, if the chainsaw chain is used properly and taken care of, it can last way longer.

What do the high and low screws do on a chainsaw?

Most Pro Saw Engines Have Three Carburetor Adjusting Screws: If this adjustment is set too high, the high idle speed will cause the centrifugal clutch to engage and the chain will run. Low Speed Fuel Adjustment – This is the adjustment that controls the proportion of fuel in the air/fuel mixture at idle speed.

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