Often asked: What Is A Subject Guide?

What is guide subject?

A Subject Guide is a web page developed by library staff that focuses on a specific subject area. In any of our subject guides you may find: Databases relevant to the subject area. Links to websites, journals and magazines.

What is contained in subject guides?

Included in subject guides are often reference materials, journals, databases, and Internet resources. Other possibilities for inclusion are career information, evaluative resources, professional associations, and citation style information.

What is a library Guide?

Library guides, also known as LibGuides, are a content management and information sharing system used to “curate knowledge and share information by creating online guides on any topic, subject, course, on any process, on anything” (Springshare).

What are library research guides?

Research Guides are librarian-curated pathways to information, videos, databases, and other resources for your discipline. That is, they pull many different types of resources on a subject or topic together in one place.

How do I create a lib guide?

Creating a New Guide Get to the create guide screen: from the Home / Dashboard page, click Create Guide in the LibGuides Shortcuts box. Or go to Content > Guide from the orange commend bar and click the + Create Guide button at the top of the page. Start Fresh is selected by default – leave this as is.

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How many libraries use LibGuides?

There are over 180,000 librarians all over the world creating LibGuides, currently 760,000+ guides and counting.

How do you pronounce LibGuides?

There are two ways to pronounce it.

  1. Lib with a short i – like liberty.
  2. Or Lib with a long i – like library.

Why are library guides important?

Visually demonstrates that there are great resources, in multiple formats, on even the most difficult topic. That reassurance builds the confidence of students who need to get started on their research.

How do you do a research guide?

Research Process Overview

  1. Develop a topic. Select a Topic | Develop Research Questions | Identify Keywords | Find Background Information | Refine a Topic.
  2. Locate information.
  3. Evaluate and analyze information.
  4. Write, organize, and communicate information.
  5. Cite sources.

What is a legal research guide?

Law Library Research Guides Although they may contain information specific to the library’s collections, these guides provide references to treatises, Web sources, major case law, legislation, and other relevant sources that can aid in one’s research. Other options include tutorials and a treatise finder.

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