Often asked: How To Install Vanilla Guide Addon?

How do I install WoW vanilla AddOns?

Move to the Addon folder

  1. Open your World of Warcraft folder. (
  2. Go into the “Interface” folder.
  3. Go into the “AddOns” folder.
  4. In a new window, open the “My Addons” folder.
  5. The “My Addons” folder should have the “Addonname” folder in it.
  6. Move the “Addonname” folder into the “AddOns” folder.

How do I manually install a classic addon?

How to install WoW Classic addons manually

  1. Download the addon you want from a host site.
  2. Find where your version of Classic is installed.
  3. Unable to find it there?
  4. From there, click the WoW Classic logo at the top left of the app, and at the bottom left next to ‘Play’, click the cogwheel next to it.

How do I manually install WoW AddOns?

To manually install your mods:

  1. Download your chosen addon.
  2. Extract the files to a folder on your desktop.
  3. Open your WoW folder.
  4. In the WoW folder, create a new folder called Interface (if it doesn’t already exist)
  5. Open that folder, create another one inside it, called AddOns (again, if it doesn’t already exist)
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How do I install add-ons?

Once you locate your AddOns folder open it up. Go to your the Zipped AddOn file and open it. Select all the files in the Zipped File, and drag and drop the AddOn’s folders from the zip into your _retail_InterfaceAddOns folder. Make sure you do not drop them into a folder of an AddOn already installed.

What are the best AddOns for WoW?

Best WoW addons for 2021

  • Bartender 4.
  • Deadly Boss Mods.
  • Alternative: Bigwigs. Bigwigs does pretty much everything that Deadly Boss Mods does but is less intrusive by default.
  • Bagnon.
  • Alternative: Adibags.
  • Details!
  • Alternative: Skada.
  • WeakAuras 2.

How do I get classic AddOns?

Install addons with the Twitch client

  1. Open your Twitch application.
  2. Go to the Mods section, then click World of Warcraft.
  3. From the top right drop down menu, select the folder for WoW Classic (note that if you want to go back to retail WoW addons, you’ll need to change the folder back)

How do I download TBC AddOns?

There are several ways to download Questie, but the easiest is through the Twitch.tv desktop app. All you need to do is download the app here, log in with your Twitch username, and navigate to Mods. Once you’ve chosen Mods, select World of Warcraft, choose Get More Addons, and search Questie.

How do I download classic AddOns from Curseforge?

Installation Guide

  1. Exit “World of Warcraft” completely.
  2. Download the mod you want to install. Make a folder on your desktop called “My Mods”
  3. Verify your WoW Installation Path.
  4. Move to the Addon folder.
  5. Start World of Warcraft.
  6. Make sure AddOns are installed.
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Why are my AddOns not showing up in WoW?

Launch World of Warcraft as an administrator and log into your character. Now press Esc or menu icon to load the small menu on your screen. Click the option of AddOns. Once the add-on window is open, check the option which says Load out of date AddOns.

How do you enable AddOns in WoW?

Get to Character Select and Enable AddOns Log back in, choose which character you want to play as, then look at the bottom left of the screen for the AddOns button. Click the button and enable all the addons you want to use on that character.

What folder do you put AddOns in for WoW?

Where is the WoW addon folder? The WoW addon folder is located in the same path as your World of Warcraft installation. On Windows 10, the default path is C:World of Warcraft_retail_InterfaceAddOns.

Can I use addons in WoW classic?

Luckily, there are a number of addons that clean things up a bit. Many of today’s WoW addons won’t work in Classic, but there are plenty that do. Here’s a list of the best WoW Classic addons you can use to help make your journey back in time that much easier.

Where do I download Shadowlands addons?

There are two major websites that host World of Warcraft AddOns: WoWInterface and CurseForge. Both sites have ways to filter by the functionality you are looking to add to your game. When you find the ones you want, you simply download them.

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What are the best addons for WoW Classic?

Here’s a look at the Best WoW Classic Addons:

  • Better Vendor Prices.
  • Classic Castbars.
  • Deadly Boss Mods.
  • OneBag3.
  • Auctionator.
  • Atlas Loot Classic.
  • Dominos Classic.
  • Immersion.

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