FAQ: How To Show Zygor Guide?

How do you open the Zygor guide in game?

User Manual 02) Right click the “Z” Zygor Icon on the menu map to open the options menu. The next screen you should see will look like this. Click the “+” symbol next to Zygor Guides Viewer to expand the full list of options.

How do you move zygor?

You can move the guide wherever you would like on your screen by dragging it. You will also notice either an arrow or a moving circle on your screen. This is the waypoint arrow built into Zygor Guides. This will point you where to go and will show a circle when you have arrived at the intended destination.

How do you open a zygor window?

When in game open your main menu (Escape key), click on Interface, click on the Addons tab at the top, click on the ‘+’ sign beside Zygor Guides Viewer.

Is Zygor guides safe?

Yes, the guides are safe to use. Revealing the map is not a ban-able offense and there have been plenty of addons over the years that have done the same thing.

How do I update Zygor Guides?

Simply click Update and the Client will automatically update all of your guides to the latest version. You can click Log to see the list of changes that were made in the latest version.

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How do I get rid of zygor?

Go to your wow/retail/interface/addons folder and delete the ZygorGudiesViewer folder. That will remove it from the game.

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