FAQ: How To Install Bb Mount Chain Guide?

How do I install a direct mount chain guide?


  1. Adjust front plate height to ring size.
  2. Install backplate onto direct mount, torque bolts to 3Nm.
  3. With crankset and chain installed, use spacer shim block to measure clearance between back plate and chain.
  4. Determine the corresponding number of chainline shims required.

What is BB mount?

Wobbly bottom bracket Most people are familiar with the bottom bracket wobble, which is when your pedaling and the crankset mechanism is going from side-t0-side. Today, the BB is a single sealed cartridge with no ball-bearings running around to signal repair, but the unmistakable wobble is still there.

How do I install ISCG05?


  1. Remove top guide by removing the front top guide nut with a 4mm hex (never adjust the rear T25 bolt).
  2. Set slider in the highest position.
  3. Hold backplate directly against ISCG05 tabs.
  4. Rotate backplate until slider adjustment bolt is directly above the crank axle and torque bolts to 5Nm.

Are chain guides worth it?

Why You Should Run a Chain Guide Mounting a chain guide on your mountain bike gives you an extra sense of security, hopefully ensuring that you won’t ever drop your chain. When you are flying through rough sections of trail, the chain will jump up and down and can sometimes work its way off the chainring.

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What are chain guides for?

Chain guides are typically used in conjunction with a bash guard, an alloy or polycarbonate plate that is fitted to the chainset in place of the largest chainring and which prevents rocks, logs and other trail or racetrack obstacles from damaging chainrings.

Can you fit a chain guide to any bike?

It’s very easy to install, you don’t need to remove your cranks and it has spacers to adapt to almost any size bike. Yes still run a chain guide. I run a OneUp chain guide with bash guard.

What does ISCG 05 mean?

ISCG-05 is a mounting STANDARD that was agreed upon by no less than five MTB companies at Interbike in 2004. It is stronger (by design, to withstand DH use), and much better defined to eliminate any mounting issues with ISCG-OLD.

Are all bottom brackets the same size?

There are 4 widths available with BSA bottom brackets; 68mm, 73mm, 83mm or 100mm. For road bikes, a BSA bottom bracket is always 68 mm wide. Other sizes, and particularly the 73 mm width, is commonplace with mountain bikes. The 83 mm and 100 mm dimensions have become rare these days.

Is a bash guard necessary?

They are a lot more rare. They used to be integral to chainguides, but now chainguides are not necessary for a lot of us that DH race, due to NW rings and clutch derailleurs. The 1x drivetrain moves the chainring in a bunch, due to generally smaller size, so you don’t have a 42t hanging out there anymore either.

What is E type chain guide?

Eliminate dropped chains forever and more than double your chainring life with the new OneUp Components Low Direct Mount (S3/E-type). The first chain guide designed to be both Oval and Boost compatible.

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