FAQ: How To Complete The Tour Guide Quiz On Club Penguin?

What can you do as a tour guide in Club Penguin?

The Tour Guide project began on January 26, 2007, with the intent of helping newcomers find their way around Club Penguin. To take the quiz to become a tour guide, players must be at least 45 days old. While wearing the Tour Guide Hat, players can use a pre-written message that summarizes the room they are in.

How do you get a pin Club Penguin Quiz?

The Games Trivia Pin was a pin in Club Penguin. All players could obtain it for free after answering three correct game questions at the Ice Rink during the Waddle On Party.

How do you hold up a tour guide sign?

Starting a Tour

  1. Put on only your Tour Guide Hat, which is your official uniform as a Tour Guide. Visit Fanatical for the latest PC game bundles. Buy Now.
  2. Go to the Ski Village.
  3. While in the Village, have your penguin wave. Your penguin will hold up a TOURS HERE sign.

Which game has a shark in it Club Penguin?

Sharks are part of the Club Penguin wildlife. They appear in the mini-games, Ice Fishing, Catchin’ Waves, Jet Pack Adventure, Hydro Hopper, and Puffle Rescue.

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Does Club Penguin rewritten have secret agents?

Secret Agents Players who are at least 30 days old can apply to become a Secret Agent. This is a big responsibility—an important part of your job is to help keep Club Penguin Rewritten safe. To apply, click on the “M” located at the top right corner of your screen. Click “Become a Secret Agent” and take the quiz.

Where is pin Cprewritten?

A new pin has been hidden on Club Penguin Rewritten! You can find this pin at the Snow Forts at the bottom right of the room, just by the entrance to the Time Trekker. The pin is the Dino Snack.

How do you take the EPF test on Club Penguin rewritten?

Once you’ve got that invite, click to teleport straight to the top-secret EPF headquarters.

  1. Click on the telephone to begin the test.
  2. Throw a snowball at the target, and then proceed to follow the instructions on-screen.
  3. You’ll be tasked on your speed, stealth, and cleverness.
  4. Congratulations!

What is the name of Rockhopper’s ship?

His ship, the Migrator, is his main form of transportation to-and-from Club Penguin Island, to Rockhopper Island. The Migrator is supposedly built from wood as, according to Rockhopper, it was assembled on Club Penguin Island.

How many pairs of socks do I own Club Penguin?

You will have to decode that part on your own using the code on the bottom right of the screen. The note says: G HAS [you decode this part] PAIRS OF SOCKS. You have to decode how many pairs socks G has using the code translator. (We’ve decoded this example, which says “ forty-seven ”).

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