Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide How To Get?

How do you get the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide?

This can be obtained from Selina Dourman, who stands on the left-side of the entrance to the Darkmoon Faire. Just ask her about the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide, and she’ll give you a replacement.

What is the fastest way to get Darkmoon Faire tickets?

All told, you can make 281 Darkmoon Prize Ticket per month from doing the daily and monthly quests, plus an additional 8 per character per day from alts. Also, 5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket every 3 hours if you win the deathmatch, and finally 100 Darkmoon Prize Ticket from the 1 time fishing quest.

How do you get Darkmoon artifacts?

You will need Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your inventory to be eligible to loot these artifacts. It can be obtained by talking to Selina Dourman at the Faire or Darkmoon Faire Greeter/Darkmoon Faire Greeter outside the portal.

How do you get the Darkmoon Faire pet?

Darkmoon Daggermaw can be fished up along the shores of Darkmoon Island, or purchased from your Auction House. There are two daily pet battle tamers on Darkmoon Island: Jeremy Feasel and Christoph VonFeasel.

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How do you summon Moonfang?

Moonfang is a new boss added to the Darkmoon Island in the Siege of Orgrimmar patch. Moonfang is summoned by killing Moonfang Snarlers. When enough have been killed, Moonfang Dreadhowls will spawn, and after slaughtering enough, Moonfang will appear to tackle your raid.

Where is the Darkmoon Rabbit?

Darkmoon Rabbit is a level?? boss rabbit at the Darkmoon Island Cave on Darkmoon Island. Upon attacking the beast, it will attempt to melee whoever has the most threat, and thus can be tanked while not casting its special move.

How long does it take to get Exalted with Darkmoon Faire?

For players interested in reaching exalted standing with the Darkmoon Faire, this should take about 5 months, from neutral.

How many tickets can you get per Darkmoon Faire?

Bashiok’s post clearly points out that the max number of tickets a player can get during each Darkmoon Island week is 145 tickets. The only issue is that a mount from the Darkmoon Faire costs 180 tickets, so players will have to wait until the next Darkmoon Island opens to claim their first mount reward.

Is the Darkmoon Faire up?

Darkmoon Faire appears each month, rotating between Elwynn Forest just south of Goldshire, and Mulgore, southwest of Thunder Bluff. The Faire only sets up in one place at a time. Arrives on the first Friday of every month and begins setup.

How do you get Darkmoon Faire reputation buff?

Once you enter the Faire, spend 30 seconds on either the carousel or rollercoaster, which will grant you the WHEE! buff.

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How do I leave Darkmoon Faire?

You can also talk to a Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage (found in most major cities) who will teleport you to the entrance of the DMF for a small fee. When you’re done you can exit the DMF by the portal on the dock (Southern part of the Island) or you can go back to where you first teleported in.

How do you get the Darkmoon Faire buff?

Darkmoon Fortune Buffs By talking and answering Sayge’s two questions, you can gain access to special world buffs that last for two hours and have a four hour cooldown (only counted from time you are logged in) until you can request a new fortune.

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